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Enjoy Our Exquisite Collection Of Roses Love Box

Enjoy Our Exquisite Collection Of Roses Love Box


The rectangle in the Roses love box symbolizes honesty and stability, the perfect gift, which symbolizes the foundation of love. You can customize the rectangle with letters, numbers, and symbols.

Tell her how strong your relationship with the Love Box is. The exquisite roses are handmade and contain many real roses.

 They then carefully store and arrange it in a luxurious rectangular suede box. The rectangle symbolizes honesty and stability, the perfect gift, which symbolizes the foundation of love.

Similarly, the Love box customization with letters, numbers, and symbols and can be created in 3D to bring butterflies.

How long does a box of roses last?

As the leader in box roses, our goal is to change the way people enjoy roses. We offer modern bouquets filled with the most colorful flowers. We focus on fortified roses, orchids, peonies, and sunflowers that last up to one year without water.

What does the bright red rose represent?

Roses come in many colors, but bright red roses are a symbol of eternal love. Together with their partners, they represent their deep and sincere love for us. We will deliver it to your home and surprise her with your love. We will provide love to the world! If you're short on roses, buy durable roses online and ship them all over the world.

What is the best way to give roses to women?

LaRose combines the romantic tradition of sending roses with the most advanced preservation techniques to create the best gift experience. A luxurious flower masterpiece that women can love all year round.

Large Rose Box

This series contains fresh roses in a large love box. Each box can hold up to 50 roses. Small rose heads increase the number of roses. Similarly, they are available for shipping countrywide.

The blend of beautiful tradition and modernity

Create the best gift experience by combining romantic flowers in a box with advanced preservation techniques. A luxurious flower masterpiece box for those special occasions that people love all year round.

Roses love box collections from LaRose

 As the leader of the box rose collections, we intend to offer a superior product bouquet full of the most colorful flowers.

Focusing on the strengthening effect of roses, and keeping a fresh floral look every month. Each flower bouquet is packaged in a personalized souvenir box with a handmade wax-printed logo.

Whether you are looking for a more creative "thank you" or a simple and sweet "I love you", La Rose offers a box of roses to ensure a lasting impression.

LaRose offers a love box with roses that have a preservative of natural rose that has been treated with innovative technology. And the box can keep its fresh appearance for at least one year.


The LaRose roses love box has materials used in the storage process that are non-toxic, corrosive, carcinogenic, explosive, and non-chemically reactive.

The solutions and dyes are the same as those used in food, medicine, and textiles. Therefore, they do not pose a risk to health or the environment.

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