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How to Buy Roses Online Effectively and Cheaply?

How to Buy Roses Online Effectively and Cheaply?


LaRose USA is the spot to buy roses online. We offer the highest quality and most environmentally fresh flowers.

Our roses are of extraordinary quality, especially when you compare them to other varieties online.

Besides ordering from us can guarantee the following: non-toxic wholesale roses, bulk and color consistency of wholesale roses, very strong stems, and disease resistance, especially bright and non-red varieties.

We sell at discount prices, with high resistance to bad weather such as frost, improve the shelf life of the package, fresh roses in bulk, and extend the life of the vase.

Factors to consider before buying roses

Red Roses

Roses are collectively the most popularly cut flowers in the world. Rose prices vary greatly depending on the variety, stem length, grade, supply, and demand.

When buying cut roses, a simple rule of thumb is: the longer the stem and the larger the head, the longer the vase life. Roses with short stems have a shorter growth time than roses with long stems, so their heads are smaller. If you don't know the size of the head, make sure the roses pass the eye test.

A Variety of traditional roses.

These roses are the most prevalent and are grown then go out to the flower auction house.

They are available all year round and cover all basic color and stem length requirements.

The main varieties of roses are the "bread and butter" flowers of florists all year round.

And they are grown in large numbers, so they are usually cheaper than the special roses which they produce in small quantities.

Professional varieties of roses

When a special event (like a wedding) calls for a specific variety, a special rose will be born.

They are usually grown in small quantities by professional producers, so higher prices are necessary at auctions.

You can choose from hundreds of professional wholesale roses, covering all shades of various stem colors, lengths, and grades, and new varieties are always under development every year.

The scent and elegance

You can choose from a variety of roses available online and in-store. We have hybrid tea roses, Florida roses, climbing roses, terrace roses, David Austin roses, and standard roses. These are all known for their beautiful and exquisite scents. We offer you only high-quality roses with extraordinary health.

Country of origin

Although rose markets exist around the world, the main sources of roses are the Netherlands, Africa, Israel, Colombia, and Ecuador.

Roses from Ecuador and Africa are generally the kings: since they have very strong stems, shiny leaves, beautiful large flower heads, and a vase life span, longer than any other rose.


Here at LaRose USA, you won't buy any better roses online because we are known as the rose aficionados. And if you actually have any questions about color matching, varieties, stem lengths, quality differences, and seasonal supply, please feel free to contact us.

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