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Some Facts About Roses – History, Hidden And Social Meanings

Some Facts About Roses – History, Hidden And Social Meanings

Roses are most commonly used as ornamental plants in the garden due to their beautiful flowers. The rose can be used for perfumes.

The pleasant scent of roses comes from the sufficient scented glands of the petals.

And these are just some facts about roses, but that is not all; there are more below. 

The rose is perhaps the most beautiful and meaningful of all flowers.

Here are some interesting facts that may surprise you. 

Love Affairs and Matters of the heart 

The relationship between rose and love can be traced back to Aphrodite, the ancient Greek goddess of love. She often painted roses around her head and legs. Legend has it that it was born of the bright red blood of his late lover Adonis! 

Decoding the color meanings 

Remember to note the rose's color when giving as a gift because each rose's petal color has its own meaning. Red represents love, white represents purity, and yellow represents warm friendship. 

Hidden Meanings 

When a rose bouquet is in full bloom, it symbolizes the love that has already bloomed, while the tightly closed bud represents the unannounced feeling. 

An Intoxicating and exquisite essence 

To produce just 0.5 pounds of rose oil, you need 5000 pounds of fresh rose petals. Which is it is one of the most expensive and valuable essential oils today. However, it is well worth it as the scent is intoxicating. 

Political Significance  

The Tudor Rose carries significance to the British political history. Henry VII painted this rose in every way to encourage loyalty to the King of New Lancaster. 

Conspiracy Theories 

The phrase "Subrosa" means secret and comes from the middle Ages, where a rose hanging above a meeting hall would guarantee the ongoing would be kept secret for the participants. 

Tender and loving care 

Roses are prone to infections such as black spots, gray mold, soot, and rust. These can all be treated, but the best way to avoid them is to give the roses plenty of nutrition and water. 

Unique in their own right 

The typical recommendation when planting roses is not to plant new ones where you dig up the old ones. Doing so makes it particularly easy to replant roses in certain disease zones. 

Oldie but Beloved 

The oldest rose bushes are in Germany. It is actually the belief that they date back to AD 815. Allied bombs destroyed the highest growth during World War II, and this extremely tough pruning can extend the life of the plant. 

The French 

It was the French who first fell in love with the Rose Garden, not the English. Empress Giuseppina planted one of the first 250 plant species in the late 1700s. 


Roses are social plants that have a deep and intertwined relationship with us throughout their history. I hope these facts about roses will help you appreciate them even more. 

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