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Happy Easter & Happy Passover

Every year we stop our lives to spend quality time with our family during the holidays, exchanging gifts and sharing love. With LA-ROSE collections you can give a unique gift, a rose box with colorful roses that will make your loved one's feel special this time of the year.

Gift Guide

Create Unique designs from our roses
Choose your own desings, your own colors of roses, the shape of it and just feel creative to express your love with our eternal roses.
Give the Gift of elegancy
Gift your loved ones with elegance rose box of your choice, choose the shape that will turn to a home décor piece of art.
Ultimate solution
Everybody love flowers, and Eternal roses are at the top of the flowers chain when it comes to show your love, even more when it comes in unique one of kind design. Need a unique gift and dont know what to get? NO BRAINER with our everlasting roses.

100% Real Roses that last untill next Easter/Passover

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The Deluxe round rose box

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Frequently asked questions

I wanted to know if the roses are real?

Yes, they are 100% real roses that go through a preservation process. each rose is carefully treated to get the best roses possible.

How Does the roses gets their unique colors?

Some roses are being dyed with paint, but most colors are being created since the rose is a seed, being taken care of with special fertilizer to give a special color.

How fresh are these? Are they expired?

Our eternity roses are fresh roses and they can last between 1-3 years, in the right environment it can live long.

How your shipping works?

We process orders at the same day and get them to our carriers for delivery, the average time that takes the box to arrive is depending on your location, check our shipping policy for more.

What's the most popular rose color?

The answer is pretty obvious that the red color is the most popular however Blue roses and Pink roses are popular almost the same.